Friday, February 1, 2008

Small Wonders

by t.o. crow

Granny called me through the window.
"Mama's here!" she said.

The screen door squeaked
and slapped closed behind me
as I raced inside.

High heels tapped staccato across old wood floors.

The sound stopped and in the doorway stood
a dark-haired beauty in white
beaming a lip-sticked smile of red.

My Mother
held a box wrapped in white paper
with a pretty blue ribbon binding it together.

I looked at the box in wonder.
A real, wrapped present!

What is it for? Is it mine? A surprise?

Granny smiled
As I tried to remove the ribbon
but could not because it was stuck.

Scissors were found.
There was a snip, snip sound.

Off came the top
and I inhaled the most delightful fragrance of
cardboard and new plastic!
Tissue paper crackled and rustled.

As I reached for the treasure inside,
my mouth flew wide.

"A DOLL!" I cried.

There in its paper bed,
lay a baby doll who drank
and wet!

I pulled her from the box
to investigate her magical features.
Removing her clothes exposed how she functioned
when "fed" water from her doll-sized bottle.

I have never received a gift so special
as that Tiny Tears Doll from my beautiful Mother.
Nor one that I remember more,
than on that birthday when I was four.

Much love was wrapped in that small box
along with a memory that will never be forgotten.

The Wolfwalker

by t.o. crow

I met a man one night.
He walked into my dream.
I watched him through closed eyes.
My mind meandering.
There was beauty there -
and sinew to this art
towering in my head -
like some giant tree formed into man
by one bold lightening POP!
I wondered at the vision standing there -
naked in my dream.
My eyes sought his but, failing that,
found strong square shoulders
and a well-muscled back.
His long brown hair
in a ponytail bound
touched a farmer's tanned neck.
He had long, strong arms
and hands accustomed to work
(with fingers designed for
carrying out the business
of baiting hooks, holding hammers
and saws -
and pleasuring).
My eyes paused on his hands.
For the briefest instant,
they opened to release balloons of gratified moans
which floated into the air and burst
into "Ohhhh, BABY!" sighs and
rocking the quiet like the wake of a baby Lear jet.
One REM blink and the image was gone.
My eyes moved on to peruse
long legs with well-shaped feet.
(And his full manliness.)
Still, there was something amiss.
Perhaps he needed a kiss?
In dream paralysis, I extended my arms
in open invitation.
He looked at me in mild surprise:
"Could you please explain the meaning of this?"
He asked as he sat by my side.
"Why yes," I sweetly replied.
"Your heart has a hole where love should go.
I can see it in your eyes."
He held me close and together we rocked.
Locked as two lovers should be.
Then I heard his voice whisper
as a tear hit my shoulder:

"My Dear, I am only a dream."



by t.o. crow

I wove our tapestry in colors
unpleasing to your sensibilities.
My design was for clarity
like prisms in sunlight.
You preferred obscure patterns
in gray.
I've stored the delightful textures
of my handiwork within easy reach.
In time, the colors will fade.
Then, perhaps, their subtle muteness
will be more pleasing
to your discerning eyes.

Dance Card from the Maniac's Ball

by t.o. crow

You lay me down on a bed of ice
when you took me for your bride.
You warmed me with your lies
- so nice -
as I lay by your side.

You teased me like the wind
teased Marilyn's skirt
on a grate outside the Trans-Lux.
Yet, you left me no roses
like Marilyn's Joe did

Only thorns that ran with my blood.
Blood and Ice.
We danced all night until I neared exhaustion.
Then you took me home and stole my youth,
while I slept in Egyptian cotton.

There you turned my heart to frost
and our marriage became a glacier.
With no thaw seen to be coming in Spring,
the depth of my misery deepened
Until my heart broke

which set afloat
A million icy shards in my veins.
It was Summer when the thaw started.
The glacier shattered - with a great crackling shudder -
to open a chasm of pain.

I woke once more to a world filled with sunlight
and felt life stirring again.
Fall came.
My days grow cold now,
I'm a virgin no more and

All my dreams are dead.
Yet, you'll lay me down on a bed of ice.
You'll tease me with your lies.
We'll dance again to exhaustion.

The gun's there for later.
Can you feel the cold metal?
Or, see the blood splatter?


Heavy Metal

by t.o. crow

A train raced by my window
in its heavy metal flight.
Ghostly cars slid past my lids
as I lay paralyzed.

Freight banged and clanged
against cold steel rails
as the train shot through the night.

Cacophonic sound rumbled 'round
in the tunnels of my brain.
Eerie incubus stirring 'bout
filled the night with dread.

As the last car passed
a somber wraith
Scattered ashes from the rail.

He wore a tuxedo and a
black top hat -
which he tipped my way-
As the train roared straight to hell.

Revised Jan.18, 2008

The Summer Nap

by t.o. crow

The spoken words swirled
round and round
oscillated into murmuring sound
by the old fan as they floated
on its currents of air
and blew gently through my head.
There the words turned into dreams
that reeled through my brain
like old movie scenes
filled with fairies and dragons
and princes and things.
Images all so real.
In the space of that nap,
on my grandmother's couch,
Time stood condensed
and Still.

The Philosophy of Love

by t.o. crow
(for 'Bella)

How much do you love me, YaYa?

I love you to the moon and back,

to the stars and back, to the sun and back,

to Mars and back, and 25 gazillion, million times

around the world and back! I reply.

My young philosopher thoughtfully mulls it over:

Doesn't some of it get lost along the way?

Yes, some of it gets sucked into a black hole here and there

but, what really matters,

is how much of it comes back to you

in the end.

Oh, she says.

Then sleeps.

Feb. 01, 2008 TOC